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Breaking down

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you through talking to your doctor or insurance provider


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Your privacy is important to us. You'll feel confident knowing that all medical advocacy services are HIPAA-compliant.

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Insurance Consulting

Explore your coverage options with a health insurance consultant.

Insurance Consulting

Billing Consulting

Our medical bill consultant can find out where your money is going.

Billing Consulting

Your Policy Doesn't Have to Be a Mystery

A medical billing advocate in Oil City, LA can provide clarity

When it comes to understanding your insurance policy or medical bills, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Unfortunately, many patients spend countless dollars annually on coverage that doesn't match their needs. If this sounds like you, you should review your policy with a medical billing advocate at Southern Hospitality Medical Advocacy.

With over seven years of medical billing experience, our consultant will assess your policy and help you determine if it meets your needs. We'll even look over your medical bills to make sure you're not being taken advantage of.

We provide medical advocacy services in Oil City, LA. Contact our consultant today to get started.

Please note that clients must pay a $10 consultation fee but will enjoy a 25% discount on all services.